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College Bound

College Awareness Week

Geddes Elementary

College Awareness Week

September 22nd-26th, 2014

Theme: Geddes Scholars are College Bound

College fight songs will be featured during morning announcements


Monday, September 22nd Pep Rally

  • 8:15 Flag Assembly – Kick Off College Awareness Week (fight songs playing) bring your college flag.
  • College awareness banners in front of your classroom. Pictures will be taken and displayed on our school website.
  • Short message regarding our College bound focus.
  • Individual classrooms will chant their university chant (only those who are ready).  
  • Testimonials – Share your own university experience; your perseverance & persistence to obtain a degree (in the classroom).


Tuesday, September 23rd - Classroom Fight Song or Chant

  • Teach & encourage students to learn your adopted classroom fight song or chant. Teach the purpose and meaning of a university fight song or chant.
  • Display university fight song or chant in your classroom.
  • Show YouTube video of your university playing the fight song.


Wednesday, September 24th – Achievements & Diplomas

  • Explain college vocabulary (see attachment).
  • Explain the connection between AR diplomas earned and university diplomas.
  • Practice & discuss the Geddes Pledge (power point located in doc share>No Excuse University folder


Thursday, September 25th – Career Readiness Skills


Friday, September 26th – University T-Shirt

  • Wear university T-Shirt (give an update on T-shirt order) or wear university colors
  • (optional) Read articles or bios of people who have beat the odds of obtaining a higher education degree.

Career Readiness Skills

Developing these skills will place you on the path to success!


Attendance: Can you “be there” on time, ready to work every day?

Independence & Initiative: Are you a self-starter who can work alone without a lot of direction? Do you begin or follow through energetically with a plan or task?BPUSD.jpg


Positive Attitude: Are you positive? Are you eager to learn?

Problem Solving: Can you think through a problem to find a solution?

Self-Presentation: Are you comfortable and confident when speaking

in front of others?


Speaking & Listening: Can you speak clearly and listen closely to others?

Teamwork: Are you able to work with others?

Work Ethic: Can you be on time, tell the truth, and do what you say you will do?